Can I get Indian OTP in USA? if International roaming is activated?

Can I get Indian OTP in USA? if International roaming is activated?

Answer is “YES” provided you have activated International Roaming on your SIM Card before traveling to USA

One critical aspect that often slips the minds of many travelers is the activation of international roaming for their SIM cards. Activating an International Roaming package on your SIM card is not just important; it’s essential. This service enables you to stay seamlessly connected while abroad, allowing you to receive calls, access mobile data, and receive crucial messages such as OTPs and bank notifications, ensuring you’re always in the loop, regardless of your location.

An International Roaming plan essentially transforms your regular SIM card into a versatile USA SIM card, enabling you to use your Indian number abroad with ease and convenience. By activating an International Roaming plan, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication and connectivity in a foreign country, just as you would back home in India. It’s your passport to hassle-free international communication.

Alternatively, If you need to receive OTPs while you are in the USA, it is often more reliable to use a USA local SIM card with a US phone number, or utilize alternative methods of authentication such as email-based OTPs or authentication apps that do not rely on SMS delivery. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the security implications of using OTPs internationally and ensure that your accounts are adequately protected.

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