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  • Save money: Ditch expensive roaming fees and enjoy local data rates.
  • Stay accessible: Make calls, send texts, and use data on a reliable network.
  • Local convenience: Access apps, services, and Wi-Fi calling with a USA number.
  • Flexible options: Choose from prepaid plans with varying data, call, and text allowances.
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Elevate your USA travel experience with USA SIM Card, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity throughout your journey in United States of America. Say goodbye to data woes and enjoy exploring every corner of America while staying connected to loved ones and accessing essential information right at your fingertips. Don’t just visit, truly experience the USA with the confidence of reliable & robust communication.

You’ll have better call quality and faster data speeds, ensuring you can easily reach family, friends, and travel contacts

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Flexibility: Choose a plan that suits your needs and budget, whether it’s unlimited data, prepaid options, family or Student plans.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our US SIM Card’s prepaid options. With no contracts or commitments, you’re in control of your usage and expenses. Top up easily and manage your plan according to your preferences, making staying connected in the US a convenient and personalized experience. 

The Best Value USA SIM Cards for seamless connectivity during your American travels! Don’t miss out on staying connected while exploring the wonders of the United States. Purchase your American Travel SIM Card with Unlimited Data + Voice before you even take off, and experience convenience like never before.

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Enjoy extensive network coverage across the entire United States

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No setup. No data roaming fees. No hidden charges | With plans that include high-speed data and unlimited voice & texting


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Experience unparalleled convenience and connectivity during your travels to the United States with our cutting-edge USA SIM Card / USA eSIM. Designed to cater to the modern traveller, PlanetRoam US SIM card ensures that you stay connected, informed, and in control every step of the way.

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