How to Call Guyana from US | Dialling Guide

Please find Dialling Process for

  1. International Access Code or Exit code for the USA: 011
  2. Dial the Country code for Guyana: 592
  3. Dial the Area code for the city you are calling: City Area Code of City in Guyana
  4. Dial the Local phone number: This is the 7 digits phone number of the person you are calling.

Follow below dialling procedure to make an International Call to Guyana from US  – Dialing Pattern Example: in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4

Exit Code – prefix  Country Code City Code Phone Number (7 digits
011 592 123 4567

For example:

  • To call a landline in Georgetown in Guyana, you would dial 011 + 592 + Georgetown Area Code + 7 digits phone number.
  • To call a mobile phone in Guyana, you would dial 011 592 7 digits mobile number.
  • Press the Call Button on Dialpad

If you are calling from a mobile phone, you need to add the + sign before the country code.

  • For example, to call Georgetown  from a mobile phone, you would dial +592+123 4567

It is important to note that international calls to Guyana can be expensive. Be sure to check with your phone carrier for their rates before making a call.

Here are some additional tips for calling Guyana from the USA:

The best time to call Guyana is during the daytime hours in Guyana . This is because the time difference between the USA and Guyana is significant.

  • UTC Time Difference between USA & Guyana is UTC-4 (avoide calling at inconvenient time}

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Guyana Emergency Phone Numbers:

Emergency Number: 911
Police: 911
Firebrigade: 912

To make a WhatsApp Call to Guyana from US, you will need to first save calling number in above format in your phone address book / contacts and then only you can make a WhatsApp voice calls.

Remember, certain countries do not allow WhatsApp voice calling.

This support article will give you key information about making calls to Guyana from US

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