+235 Country Code 00235 | Which Country Code is +235

Are you looking to find 235 belongs to which country?

The country code +235 is for Chad

To call Chad from another country, you will need to dial the international access code for your home country, followed by the country code for Chad (+235) and the phone number you are calling.

Chad Capital: N’Djamena

About Country Codes:

A country code is a short alphanumeric identification code for countries and dependent areas.

In telecommunication, a country code, or international subscriber dialing (ISD) code, is a telephone number prefix used in international direct dialing (IDD) and for destination routing of telephone calls to a country other than the caller’s.

Country codes constitute the international telephone numbering plan, and are dialed only when calling a telephone number in another country. They are dialed before the national telephone number. International calls require at least one additional prefix to be dialing before the country code, to connect the call to international circuits, the international call prefix.


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